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Renowned editor Maxwell Perkins develops a friendship with author Thomas Wolfe.

  • Drama,Factual/True Story
  • 100min

Pulp Fiction

It is the quintessential film of the 90s. Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece changed movies forever and is still the fresh gamechanger with guns, gimps, bible verses and Royale with cheese.

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Holy Air

Business is religion and religion is business in this wry Israeli dramedy. Struggling to support his pregnant wife and sick father, a man comes up with a clever plan to make money. 2017

  • 16 (L, S)
  • Comedy
  • 77min


Touching coming-of-age Israeli drama. A belligerent teenager finds himself torn between two role models: his father and his charismatic literature teacher. 2017

  • 16 (L)
  • Drama
  • 91min


Compelling Iranian drama. While concealing a secret that could unravel both their lives, two young lovers desperately travel through the city in search of medical attention. 2017

  • Drama
  • 85min

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A spellbinding and visually stunning masterpiece. When Joel discovers his girlfriend has erased all memories of him, he decides to erase his memories of her in this award-winning surreal romance.

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Sin City

Sin City is a place like no other, where only the tough and quick survive and the games are always fixed for the bad guys to win.

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