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The Ring Thing

 What does it mean to be engaged to be married? A lesbian couple finds out in this touching exploration of love and commitment.
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Sleeping With Other People

People find love in the strangest places. This out of the ordinary romcom sees a womaniser and a serial cheater form a plutonic relationship, but will it become something more? 2015

  • 18 (L, S)
  • Comedy,Drama,Romance
  • 97min


After a spurned classmate curses him, a teen will be forever ugly unless he finds love.

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Season 8 / Episode 10

Our Perfect Wedding

Precious & Martin - A couple wants to pull off the perfect wedding, but the odds aren't in their favour. Will they have their dream wedding?

  • Other
  • 47min

The Perfect Match

Convinced that the age of relationships is over, lifelong playboy Charlie bets his friends that he can date the same woman for one month without falling in love. Complications arise when he meets the beautiful Eva.

  • 16 (L, S, N)
  • Comedy,Romance
  • 92min

3 Hearts

A tense love triangle unfolds in this mesmerising French drama. A man and a woman with a deep connection lose contact, but destiny brings them together again unexpectedly. 2014

  • 16 (S)
  • Drama
  • 109min


Saoirse Ronan gives an Oscar worthy performance in this gripping period film. An Irish immigrant arrives in New York where she falls in love, but her past soon catches up with her. 2015

  • 16
  • Romance,Drama
  • 108min

Me Before You

Based on a bestseller from multiple award-winning romance writer Jojo Moyes, this endearing film tells the story of a quirky, small-town woman who’s hired to look after a wealthy, disabled Londoner. Keep the tissues close by! 2016

  • 18 (L)
  • Drama,Romance
  • 106min

Fix My Love, South African love talk show on BET

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