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Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot is a powerful goddess in this superhero epic filled with courage and heart. After rescuing a pilot who crash-lands on an Amazonian island, a warrior princess learns of WWI and vows to use her superpowers to restore peace. 2017

  • 13 (V)
  • Action,Paranormal/Sci-Fi
  • 136min

Phantom Thread

Daniel Day-Lewis gives a breath-taking performance in this intense drama filled with intrigue and suspicion. Set in 1950s, a renowned dressmaker's life is turned upside down by a young woman who becomes his muse and lover. 2017

  • 16 (L, V)
  • Drama,Romance
  • 125min

La La Land

A jazz pianist and an aspiring actress fall in love while struggling to make ends meet in Los Angeles.

  • Romance,Drama
  • 123min
Season 1 / Episode 186

The River

Think Fast - A telenovela about the haves and the have-nots, The River tells the story of two women from different worlds bound together by secrets, murder and betrayal.

  • 16 (L)
  • Drama
  • 22min

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman

When prosperous Helen McCarter's husband says he wants a divorce, she is forced to rely on friends, family and faith to put her life back together. 2005

  • Comedy,Romance
  • 113min
Season 2 / Episode 6

Claws 02

Double Dutch - Faced with an agonizing dilemma, Desna and Dean take a road trip to seek guidance from a childhood mentor. Back in Palmetto, Jenn must lean on Polly and Quiet Ann for help with a crisis.

  • 18 (L, V, S)
  • Drama,Drama
  • 45min
Season 1 / Episode 5


I Pity The Fool - For lifelong friends Linda (Phyllis Logan – Downtown Abbey)), Sue (Miranda Richardson) and Gail (Zoë Wanamaker), the years have flown by, yet their lives seem more complicated than ever.

  • 13 (L)
  • Drama,Comedy
  • 60min
Season 1 / Episode 6


All My Mother Wanted - “Housekeepers is centred around the journey of a devoted daughter who goes out seeking the truth when her loved one is framed for murder.”

  • 16 (L, V)
  • Drama,Drama
  • 22min
Season 5 / Episode 5

How To Get Away With Murder 05

It Was The Worst Day Of My Life - Annalise Keating (Oscar-nominated,Tony-winning actress Viola Davis) is a brilliant, charismatic and seductive professor of defense law, who teaches a class called How to Get Away With Murder.

  • Crime/Detective/Spy,Drama
  • 60min
Season 9 / Episode 14

Modern Family

Written In The Stars - Emmy and Golden Globe award winning series that follows the exploits of a fun-loving family.

  • Comedy
  • 21min
Season 3 / Episode 77

The Queen

The Last Supper - When the husband of a successful business woman and loving wife discovers her dreadful secrets, she is forced into a corner, with no choice but to silence him.

  • 13 (L, S)
  • Drama,Other
  • 24min

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