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Ender's Game

A youth exhibits an unusual gift that gets him selected for advanced military training to lead Earth's forces in an intense war against Formics, alien invaders that nearly destroyed the planet once before.

  • Paranormal/Sci-Fi,Action,Adventure
  • 109min

The Hunger Games

A resourceful teen takes her younger sister's place in a brutal contest in which youths from each of 12 districts fight to the death on live television.

  • 16 (V)
  • Paranormal/Sci-Fi,Action,Adventure
  • 137min

Earth To Echo

After a construction project begins in their neighbourhood, best friends Tuck, Alex and Munch begin receiving strange, encoded messages on their cell phones. They immediately inform their parents and the authorities, but when no one takes them seriously, the youths decide to crack the code themselves and trace the messages to their source. The youths' curiosity leads them to a robotic extraterrestrial who desperately needs their help.

  • Paranormal/Sci-Fi,Action,Adventure
  • 88min

Westworld S1

The much anticipated sequel of Westworld will be available on M-Net on 23 April from 20:00. Tune in for the first episode, or watch online on DStv Now.

BUT! If you haven't seen Season 1 yet, it's not too late! Westworld Season 1 is currently available for you to binge, in a single sitting, on Showmax.

If you've heard the hype, and you're still asking yourself where you draw the line between life and artificial intelligence, then prepare to have your mind blown in this incredible and unnerving show about man versus the machines we build.

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In this epic tale, the coastal town of Bristol Cove is turned upside down when a mysterious girl appears and begins wreaking havoc on the small fishing town.

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The Crossing

Refugees from a war-torn country 180 years in the future start showing up to seek asylum in an American town. EPISODE 9-10 COMING 12 JUNE 2018 (SOUTH AFRICA)

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Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger | First & Only on Showmax

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