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Save Me, Madam Secretary, Station 19 And Grey's Anatomy are just a few of the nail-biting series you can watch on DStv and DStv Now.


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Season 4 / Episode 2

Madam Secretary

Off The Record - Elizabeth heads to Brussels to seek NATO’s support against Russia when it threatens to invade Bulgaria in the season finale of this critically acclaimed political drama.

  • Drama
  • 42min
Season 4 / Episode 2

Black Sails

Episode 2 - The story of Captain Flint, the most brilliant and feared pirate of his day, who takes on a fast-talking addition to his crew by the name John Silver. Threatened with extinction on all sides, they fight for the survival of New Providence Island.

  • Drama,Adventure
  • 56min
Season 4 / Episode 1

The Affair

Episode 1 - Golden Globe award winning series about two married strangers who are drawn to one another. In the season finale, a recent disappearance has startling revelations for the couples.

  • Drama
  • 57min
Season 4 / Episode 4


Episode 4 - Brooding drama set in 18th-century Cornwall. Ross Poldark is passionate about turning round the fortunes of his late father's estate.

  • Drama
  • 58min
Season 3 / Episode 6

Our Girl

Episode 6 - Drama following the extraordinary adventures of female medics in the British Army.

  • 16 (L, V)
  • Drama,Other
  • 50min

I'm Dying Up Here

Adam and Ralph get some good news, while Goldie calls Amanda's bluff and Ron tries to salvage good will from employers and co-workers. Follows a group of up-and-coming comedians.

  • Comedy
  • 1min
Season 2 / Episode 2

The Handmaid’s Tale

Unwomen - In the season finale of the acclaimed, Emmy-winning dystopian drama, Serena Joy confronts her Handmaid and her husband, as Offred a struggles with a complicated, life-changing revelation.

  • 18 (L, V, S)
  • Drama,Paranormal/Sci-Fi
  • 53min

Here and Now

They seem like a model family, but there are problems under the surface. A psychologist arrives to help, but only makes things crazier in this new dark comedy.

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