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Season 8 / Episode 10


The Church Of Gay Jesus - Ian's fame in the LGBTQIA community explodes, but the sudden surge of 'followers' may be more than he can handle. Mayhem follows the Gallagher family in this acclaimed dramedy.

  • 16
  • Drama,Comedy
  • 55min

The Cleaner

An award-winning series about an addict who makes a promise to turn his life around and help other addicts - even if it takes extreme tactics to save them.

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Season 4 / Episode 11


Inheritance - Andre “Dre” and Rainbow Johnson want to give their children the best. But their offspring’s childhood is turning out to be much different than theirs.

  • Family
  • Comedy
  • 21min
Get Out

Get Out

Jordan Peele writes and directs this critically acclaimed psychological horror. A young man and his girlfriend travel to a secluded country estate to meet her parents. Once there the wholesome atmosphere gives way to a nightmare. 2017

  • 16
  • Horror,Other
  • 100min

The Handmaid's Tale

Once, June had a husband, a job, a life. Now she’s Offred, enslaved as a walking womb in a country where the only thing rarer than pregnancy is escape.

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The unthinkable has happened: age has caught up with Wolverine in this instalment of the X-Men film series. In his twilight years Wolverine takes care of Professor X, but a troubled young mutant arrives on the scene.

  • 13
  • Action,Drama,Paranormal/Sci-Fi
  • 132min

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