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One person's weird Is another persons wonderful. Odd stuff people get paid to do, or stranger yet, do for the love of it!


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Nightmare On Everest

Telling the emotional story of people trapped in the Himalayas following the earthquake which struck Nepal on the 25/04/2015.

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Season 2 / Episode 4

Treasure Quest: Snake Island

Brush With Death - TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND, takes viewers along an epic journey with an elite team of treasure hunters who have a new theory on where treasure lies - a remote spot home to 1,000s of deadly vipers.

  • Adventure
  • 60min

The Gauntlet

A gritty horror that will have you on the edge of your seat. Five strangers with five secrets mysteriously awaken in hellish dungeon and are forced to fight to survive. 2013

  • 16 (L, V)
  • Action,Thriller/Suspense
  • 77min

#LiveAfter Survivor South Africa: Philippines -Interview with PK

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