Not to be missed on KykNet

Watch the best Afrikaans shows on KykNet (DStv channel 144) or stream on DStv Now this July.


Do you struggle to eat right and live healthy? Then the series Slank has just the right practical advice for you. This TV series does not necessarily focus on any particular diet, but rather on a sustainable and healthy lifestyle with the emphasis on food.

Fight the battle of the bulge by tuning in to Slank every Monday at 17:30.


Koffieboon is a brand new kykNET series all about coffee. We are going to have a closer look at this special drink and the brewing of it. We also visit unique coffee shops, the best baristas, and coffee lovers. Johrné van Huyssteen takes us on a journey through South Africa to learn more about coffee.

Tune in for Koffieboon every Wednesday at 17:30.

Edik van Nantes Winter

Nataniël is at his happiest in Nantes during the European winters. However, Edik van Nantes has only been filmed during spring and summer. For the first time, we bring winter and all its secrets, food, traditions and rituals to TV. It’s cold in France most of the year and this is when life is lived to its fullest when the most delicious food is served and the most beautiful clothes are worn. Prepare yourself for a dramatic and visually enchanting series.

Tune in for Edik van Nantes Winter, Wednesdays at 20:00.

Met 'n Huppel in die Stap

Met ‘n huppel in die stap accompanies people in their sixties with knowledgeable advice on the life beyond retirement. Subjects such as antique collections, various courses for seniors, different generations living together, planning your perfect retirement home, and many more, are on the discussion list – and all are very important for this age group.

Don't miss Met ‘n huppel in die stap Thursdays at 18:00.

Jan Braai vir Erfenis 

Jan Braai is back for a new season of adventure and braai! Viewers can look forward to, amongst other things, wine and food at ATKV Goudini resort, Jan riding bike from George to Swellendam, an exploration of the Free State town, Clarens, and a visit to a self-sustaining trout farm in Montequ.

Join Jan Braai every Friday at 18:00.

Elke Skewe Pot

The Elke Skewe Pot ladies are back in full force for another season filled with love calamities and romantic catastrophes… Sandra (this season played by the well-known actress Hélène Truter) is forced to admit to herself that she does yearn to have someone special in her life, when the handsome chauvinistic Renier (played by small-screen legend Kevin Smith) takes over the building where ESP rents 3 Bennie’s new waiter/barman, Anton (played by the veteran comedian Neels Claasen), is a hit with everyone; he is fun and wise with a sharp sense of humour, and a hawk’s eye that doesn’t miss a beat. Together these unusual colleagues and friends tackle one of life’s biggest quandaries… Love.

Catch the new season Mondays at 20:30.


Fynskrif is kykNET's new drama, centered around the law firm, Van Wyk & Partners. In each of the 13 episodes the lawyers have a case that they have to deal with between personal and family dramas.

The series begins with one of the retirement partners, after which the head of the firm gives the partnership to his son (who has just returned from Kenya), instead of his daughter, who has been working for the company for many years.

Armand Aucamp, Amalia Uys, Hannes van Wyk, Stian Bam, Milan Murray, June of Merch and Erica Wessels are among the actors who play guest roles in Fine Art.

Watch all the legal drama Tuesdays at 20:00.

Die Kasteel

Die Kasteel shenanigans continue! Six months ago, Eckhard, stupidly invested in a Ponzi scheme that went under, causing them to lose everything, except their mansion. Since then, the couple has converted their house into a Boutique Hotel. Now - with help from their airhead daughter, Michellay, their naive gardener, Wilson, and their sarcastic domestic worker, Cecilia – the couple have to host colourful guests, week after week, in the boutique hotel known as Die Kasteel. There’s just one problem: None of them know what the hell they’re doing!

Tune in for Die Kasteel Wednesdays at 20:30.

Tussen Ons

Five women, five opinions, one subject and an audience – a fresh talk show on kykNET&kie DStv-channel 145. Tussen Ons is a new, weekly talk show on kykNET&kie where viewers and the studio audience are invited to join these five formidable women for a hearty conversation about a wide range of issues that matter – especially to women.

Join the conversation every Thursday at 20:00.


Well known journalist, radio anchor and also a regular face on kykNET’s actuality programmes, Heindrich Wyngaard, is the presenter of kykNET&kie’s new show, Kô, Lat Ons Praat.

Kô, Lat Ons Praat, or better known as KLOP! focuses on the big names in news, history as well as local heroes. The show promises to be honest and to the point, focusing on community issues at hand as well as actuality topics countrywide. It’s supported by stories from field reporters in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Gauteng, the West Coast as well as Namibia.

Tune in for Klop! Sundays on K&KIE at 19:30.


A matriarch, her two daughters, her grandchildren, and her friends. kykNET and kykNET and Kie's new soapie is about the people of Suidooster, a small shopping and business centre in the fictional Cape Town suburb of Ruiterbosch. The three families that live and work there inevitably share their joys, sorrows, disputes, romances, revenge and retaliation, misunderstandings, and jealousies, but it is also the story of a multicultural South African community.

Suidooster airs weekdays at 18:30.

Fishy Feshuns

Fisher Fashions is owned by Harold Fisher who employs Dino (his cutter and handyman), and a workforce of five women - Patsy (the shop floor steward), Xoli, Rochelle, Katrien and Vera. Another regular visitor to the factory floor is January, a freelance designer whom Fisher employs from time to time. Fisher's over-demanding wife Bernice, also pops in and out of the factory - usually to check up on Harold and the girls - and her presence is always certain to provoke conflict of some kind.

Groen Namibië

In Groen Namibië Marlice and Rudi van Vuuren introduce viewers to the various animals at their rehabilitation centre, Naankuse, and show what it takes to rehabilitate wild animals in order to set them free back into the wild.

Watch Groen Namibië Sundays at 21:00.